Mangal Dosh Problem

Solution for Mangal Dosh in London, UK

Manglik dosha in Indian astrology occurs when the position of planet mars in 1,4,7,8,12, house. So if the planet mars is present in any of these five houses it is going to cause manglik dosha or kuja dosha. Some astrologers also consider the dosha if the mars is in 2nd house. 50% of the people have this dosha in their birth chart. The biggest misconception regarding manglik dosha in vedic astrology is the death of the spouse if one suffers from manglik dosha. It does not happen in every case. This happens when other bad combinations of the planets are also there in your chart. Manglik doshas in vedic astrology is not there if mars is present in its own house. Even if your 9th house has strong benefic planet then the effect of mars placed in 7th and 8th house are canceled.

Effects of Manglik Dosha The intensity of manglik dosha depends upon the number of charts where it is present and also the house where it is residing. It also differs from person to person. But there are bound to happen some ill effect that can be: Delay in getting married, Problems in married life, Mismatch thinking, Divorce, Death of the spouse, Late start of the career, Irregular education, Child birth problems,